Dangerous Beauty Tour

Date Event Location
(EDT, UTC-04) (EDT, UTC-04) Leslie Hudson & Nyxie Huitsing Falstaff Centre, Stratford ON Falstaff Centre, Stratford ON
(CDT, UTC-05) (CDT, UTC-05) Leslie Hudson Morva & Alan's, Winnipeg MB Morva & Alan's, Winnipeg MB
Leslie Hudson & friends OVFF, Columbus OH OVFF, Columbus OH
(EDT, UTC-04) (EDT, UTC-04) Leslie Hudson & band UUCC of Hendricks County, Danville IN UUCC of Hendricks County, Danville IN
(EST, UTC-05) (EST, UTC-05) Leslie Hudson & Dr. Mary C. Crowell Bandcamp Live, Online Bandcamp Live, Online
(CST, UTC-06) (CST, UTC-06) Leslie Hudson Cafe Bohemia, Plano TX Cafe Bohemia, Plano TX
(CST, UTC-06) (CST, UTC-06) Leslie Hudson Curious Goods, Lawton OK Curious Goods, Lawton OK
(CST, UTC-06) (CST, UTC-06) Leslie Hudson & S. J. Tucker UUFF, Fayetteville AR UUFF, Fayetteville AR
(CST, UTC-06) (CST, UTC-06) Leslie Hudson & S. J. Tucker The Belle Castle, Belle MO The Belle Castle, Belle MO
Leslie Hudson & band ChamBanaCon, Normal IL ChamBanaCon, Normal IL
(EST, UTC-05) (EST, UTC-05) Leslie Hudson & Static of a Stranger KNAC Building, Kalamazoo MI KNAC Building, Kalamazoo MI

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songwriter meets storyteller

Leslie Hudson is a Canadian singer-songwriter & pianist based in Stratford ON. Their many albums range from storytelling styles to bluesy bar rock to dialed-up, full-band homages to pop culture.

Leslie has toured extensively across the US, Canada, and all the way to Germany, playing house concerts, conventions, pagan shops & other venues that support diversity.

Leslie is an award-winning songwriter whose passionately honest approach to their craft dives deep into archetype and folklore, modernizing ancient voices and shining a spotlight on the shadowy paths we walk through life, myth, media & mental health.

September Sounds

Music Videos

Teaser video for Mermaid (Radio Edit) lead single from the album Reset to Factory Specs

Listen to the single (clean version) or the album version

Lyric video for 88 Keys from the album Reset to Factory Specs 

"The piano's been my lifeline for 40 years. When I can't sleep, I play. Years ago, when the nightmares wouldn't leave me alone, I played. Every emotion I've ever felt gets channelled through those 88 keys and I know I'm not alone. I'm never alone." --Leslie