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Steeped in Magic

Hemlock Honey and Crows (Deluxe)


Piano, vocal & guest musicians : Deluxe includes the 8 tracks originally released on Hemlock Honey and Crows (with guest musicians), and also includes the 8 solo versions of these songs (piano & vocal only) - 2 albums in one!

Hemlock Honey and Crows


Piano, vocal & guest musicians galore : Songs for the Samhain season, with ghost stories, ritual songs, and love for the poisoner schools of old. Musicians from the US & Germany contributed in pairs & trios to each of 8 truly witchy songs

Indie Rock

Carving Knife (Single)


Guitar & vocal : Long-time collaborator and guitarist, John Argentiero, remixes a song dedicated to the backstories of female villains in folklore, from The Wanderlings Volume Two

Pianoless (Demo EP)


Rock, folk & groove : Co-written with fellow FAWMers from the US & Norway, there's not a piano in sight. 5 songs about stepping back, chasing the wrong girl, jerks you work for, friendship & outrunning dragons

Into The Mirror


Grit, grief & soul infuse this all-in, new-lease-on-life rock album, with 12 tracks of powerhouse vocals, piano-driven songwriting & one hell of a 10-piece band

Folklore & Myth

Geek Rock

Early Releases