1. Stargazer

Track #11 - Keep Left at the Fork
Leslie Hudson – vocals, piano, songwriter
Betsy Tinney – cello
Jodi Krangle – backing vocals
Kristian Børresen – synths, programming

(The Dreaming) That which is dreamed awake can live. I dare to dream the pieces of myself into focus that blur into the background. I find the courage to look into the future as I would make it and dream it into the present. Something innate and creative compels me to shine out brilliantly into the universe I swirl around my consciousness. I make my own destiny. I blaze my own trail. I walk my own path home. The ogham fid is Edad for vision and the tools we use to See.


there’s a hole in your heart
in the sky
that’s a part of the soul in your eyes
like the start of a life in the stars
in the light of the spark that was there when you first looked up

there’s a tear in the dream
like a tug on the seam
that you wear far too snug
so it seems not enough to be seen
to be rougher than gleams in the night
of that deep dark sea

stargazer, lie here with me
stargazer, what do you see?

there’s a gap in the place
between something and space
where the map has become
more the face than the sum of
the race that we run
keeping pace with a light
that has all but burned out

there’s a knot in the line
like a twist in the twine
where it’s caught in the mix
of the fried on the fritz
and divine is the wish in the wine
as it flows
when we’ve all but drowned

stargazer, lie here with me
stargazer, what do you see?
tell me

there’s a path through the woods
forking out from what should
and what has been the drought of
the good in the doubt
and what could have gone south
and what would have been better
if only for...

there’s a mountain to climb
through the smoke and the grime
where the sound of our hope
cannot die in our throats
and the time we devote to design
and to love
only builds us up

stargazer, lie here with me
stargazer, what do you see?
tell me the story of what we could be
tell me

stargazer, what do you see?
tell me