Leslie Hudson

Leslie Hudson sings modern retellings of women’s stories from ancient times to the present. Drawing on myth, folklore, spiritual and cultural traditions, pop culture, family history and a lifetime of personal growth, she gives multi-genred voice to the synaesthetic spectrum of divinities and denizens, mortals and mysteries, the queens and querents who tell Her Stories.

Now a regularly touring musician across North America (venturing to Europe in 2018), Hudson is bringing her unique brand of powerful piano-centric performance to communities, venues and events supporting women’s voices and the strength of diversity.

“Leslie Hudson [is] a navigatrix of thorn-rich thickets…adept at recognizing that living stories are not finished…  Give her a reason to go full-on metal, and you won’t be disappointed. Give her half a shot at enchanting you, and you’ll find your time well spent. Give her a stage and get out of the way.” —S.J. Tucker

“Hudson seeks to get under the skin of [her] characters, probe their fictitious souls and, through the raw power of her music, to make them flesh-and-blood, to honor them with real human angst. And the results are nothing short of spectacular.” –Daniel Jun Kim, Pop Mythology

“There is something supernatural about Leslie that grips you and makes you pay attention.” –Matthew Cimone, Chasing Atlantis

“Leslie Hudson is the Tori Amos of geek music” –Dr. Jessica Hebert, The PDX Broadsides

“Leslie Hudson is a force of nature” –Deborah Baudoin, The Harmony Heifers

“[Leslie Hudson] is the redheaded Lucy Lawless I never knew I needed” –Lara, Kenmore WA

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  • Song. Story. Strength.

    I’m painting the full sonic spectrum of women in story: our glories and shortcomings; our reactions to failure and loss.

    Modern heroines are often perfectly rounded, unrealistic caricatures, but there’s more to being female than tiaras and superhero capes.

    Depth and honesty penetrate the illusion of both. I’m far more in love with the marrow than the mask.

  • Influences

    Tori Amos
    Jann Arden
    Alanis Morissette
    Loreena McKennitt
    Sarah McLachlan
    Florence + The Machine
    Ani DiFranco
    S.J. Tucker
    Karine Polwart
    Carole King

    Ben Folds
    Justin Sullivan
    Ben Gibbard
    Glen Hansard
    Jeff Martin
    Mike Doughty
    Third Eye Blind
    Jonathan Coulton
    Weird Al Yankovic