It's my 10yr anniversary

Today is my 10 year anniversary of being a solo musician. I have a lot of memories - some I'm going to revisit & share this month - from huge audiences and big stages to moments like this

If you're ever at the Doubletree in Worthington OH there's a perfect spot of acoustic glory just outside the lobby doors, standing over the grate with a convex roof overhead where it sounds like this.

Like magic as we stood there, other beautiful voices joined me, coming back from dinner, coming out for a breath of fresh air, and we had a moment of ad lib unplanned vocal harmony in the winter air.

This is why I chose this career a decade ago: to sing. I love to sing. I want to sing wherever I go. It's often hard to remember that singing came before the career, and the joy of singing lives outside the work of being a professional musician, but I've been working to reclaim that knowledge lately with moments like this.

(Video by Matthew Cimone)

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