A few years ago I was driving out of Albuquerque and I turned onto a side street. On the road in front of me were dozens of crows. Of course I slowed down as I approached them, and when I was a couple of yards away they gently rose into the air and surrounded me. In front and beside and above and behind... For just a moment I flew with crows.

Corvids are my favourite birds on the planet. I've watched them ski down snowbanks, fill the inner branches of the 30' Norway spruce and the maples that ringed my house growing up, sail a wind current just for fun, and solve complex problems. My tricksy crow-kin. My companions for life. This song is for them and that day they let me feel like I could fly.

Leslie Hudson: piano, lead vocals, BGV
Robyn Mackenzie: electric guitar, BGV
Katrina Trujillo-Lucero: guitar solo


Crow flight
Inky delight
Mirrored we meet
Me with grounded feet

Crow flight
Mischievous sight
Twisting the wind
Playful spirit spin
Twisting with the wind
Playful spirit

Crow song
Carried along
I hear the call
Mirrored in us all
Can you hear the call
Mirrored in us?

Crow kin
All you have been
Night becomes day
Life becomes decay

Crow kin
Welcome me in
Mirrored I fly
Feather bone and sky
Mirrored I will fly
Feather and bone
Mirrored I will fly
Feather and bone
Mirrored I will fly
Feather and bone and sky