1. The Waltz

From the recording Reset to Factory Specs

Guest musician: Betsy Tinney, cello

Memory: I had confessed in writing only the night before and then the snow fell. Now it was named, it could be sung, and the first glimmer of light dawned.

Lesson: Who you are is not necessarily who you were born to be.


Sunrise again
And for one brief moment
I'm free and clear to start
When nobody's here
When nothing is hard

Breathing again
No longer beholden
To who I was last night
When I shed my skin
When I felt that

How do I survive such spite?
At least I know the culprit this time
That tiny little voice inside
Always swears
It wasn't me

I watch the snow
Falling through sunlight
Like I wish that I could be
Silent I'd fly
And happy I'd seem

I want to know
How to stop falling
When everything starts to melt
And tries to seep in
Past everything I've

How do I survive this hell?
I thought I knew the culprit so well
That tiny little voice won't tell
It just swears
It wasn't me

It just swears it wasn't me
It just swears it wasn't me

So I guess it's
Rinse and repeat
Once more for good measure
Take a deep breath and cry
Flirting with death
Won't keep you alive

Hold and retreat
Dancing between them
Till all of the world's a stage
So what's in a girl?
And what is on her

How do I survive these flames?
It's time to give the culprit a name
That tiny little voice I'll blame
When it swears
It wasn't me

Oh it swears it wasn't me
Swears it wasn't me
But it was
Oh it was
We both know it was
Always me